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Help us raise awareness of Humanimal Balkans/ Help Pozega Dogs work and cruelty towards animals in Serbia and other Balkan Countries.

Increase your knowledge:

  • Please check out our files about animal welfare laws, conditions stray animals live in, kill stations and  dog pounds in the Balkans, cruelty and abuse, what have we done so far
  • Inform yourself about how you could help change the horrible fate of these innocent animals and get involved in this so rewarding aim.
  • Write to your MEP and ask for help:

Example Letter Template to the EU MEP’s – Download PDF

Example 2 – Download PDF

Be social and share:

By passing on  the information you  get here you do a lot to support the Balkan dogs. Let people know about the unbearable conditions, these dogs have to live under and the dangers they face every day. Share your knowledge and get more people involved;

Check out the our page and use the images or videos on your social media platforms;

Pin images from our Pinterest Board.

Get active:

Become a Help Pozega Dogs Advocate.

We need you today.  We can only achieve our goal through your help. We are looking for people to engage in all levels of advocacy from sending emails, researching, do legal work, spreading the words about us  etc…It is your voice  and your action that can change the world for these dogs.

We are also raising awareness for rescue dog adoption.

Our goal is simple: To elevate the status of rescue dogs as prized pets and inspire more people to adopt and show them ways to do it. If you adopted  HPD- dog, share your story and let others know how rewarding the adoption of a rescue dog is. Be a paradigm for those considering to provide a loving home or foster for a former stray.

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