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Monetary Donations:

We gratefully appreciate any monetary donations we receive whether largeĀ or small. The work of our rescue is funded entirely by public donations. Without these donations, we would not be able to rescue, provide veterinary care and rehome these dogs in need.

We need to constantly raise money to help feed, keep the dogs safe and warm, and pay vets fees and other essentials, besides the effort of rescues. Proper care is more than just feeding and providing shelter for an animal; it also includes medical care, housing, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, etc. Each rescue will need to be examined by a professional vet to see if the dog is suffering from any forms of illness which then will be treated. We have a Youcaring monthly fundraiser page on Facebook page (for an example the June Fundraiser, and a Paypal account or to which donations can be made.


Fundraising is a constant to keep up with expenses. At HPD we also have a monthly fundraising auction which you can ask to join.

Each month, there is a new album of items to bid on. This is another way to donate, if you cannot afford to give a monetary donation but have unwanted gifts or good condition pre-loved items you can ask to include them in the monthly auction to help raise funds.

We also have an on-going Jewellery event which raises funds for HPD. There are many lovely items for instant sale. All items on buy it now, all money raised goes to help the dogs in rescue. Usually there are new items of jewellery added. You have anything from necklaces/pendants, earrings, bracelets, brooches, even the occasional watch. And of course we do have the fun seasonal jewellery for Halloween and Christmas. The organiser of the jewellery event will even look for certain items or will try to get a replacement item if the first item has been sold. The page is open to the public or you can ask to be added to the page.

Special Fundraisers:

We also hold special fundraising events such as raffles and photo competitions which is usually a fun way to raise funds for our rescues. Once again if you feel that you wish to donate an item for a raffle prize or for a photo competition prize you can do so.

Extraordinary Fundraising:

Being a rescue group we are constantly aware that our dogs and cats needs come first. We do have the occasion where we need to have very quick extraordinary fundraisers, such as the case of the rescued puppies and cases of recues with heart worm or distemper.

We also need to raise funds for many of the rescues who are travelling to their new forever homes or to foster, which are always an added cost, but needs to be raised. These extraordinary fundraisers are usually published immediately to make members of HPD aware of what needs to be raised, the amount to be raised and by when it needs to be raised with the amount. These extraordinary fundraisers are monetary donation based.

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