Happy Endings

Since our formation in 2011, Humanimal Balkans has successfully rescued, rehabilitated, spayed/neutered, and placed hundreds of animals with warm, loving families. This page lists only a few of our success stories. With the generous support of donators, adopters, volunteers, fosters, these wonderful animals were given a second chance at a long, happy, and healthy life.



angelica-webGiven how much we all love dogs, I always wondered why it took us so long to get one. Now I know. We were waiting for Angel. And Angel was, like a patient and good-natured Oliver Twist, waiting for us to whisk her away from her foster kennel in Belgrade to the faraway Island of Britain. Rag to riches story, you might say. Although we are not exactly rich – but that generally does not bother dogs. Angel’s her life journey, as well as her real journey across Europe, has been pretty amazing. From a notorious kill shelter in Pozega in Serbia to the safety and serenity of our back garden and endless, green fields around. From the butcher who carved and scared her belly in order to prevent her from having puppies to a friendly red-cheeked local butcher who every week gives her nice juicy bones. From dog catchers to our lovely neighbours who saved her when she got stuck on the conservatory roof. From being starved to being overfed by her two older ‘brothers’, possibly in return for her silence about all the parties the boys organise while we are away on holiday. She happily obliges. That how she is. Never a bark out of her. Continue reading

angellopta-webUnless occasionally to warn an overexcited dog, or those trying to sniff out our sandwiches during rare warm days when we have a picnic. Back off, not so angelic Angel barks, this is my family! Last summer Angel, being yet another sun worshiper in the family, travelled from Britain to the Adriatic coast. Not impressed with sight Europe has to offer, dozing on the back seat sandwiched in between cushions and lamps, she was nevertheless excited about the sea. She discovered swimming. Her pink belly got brown. We were considering whether to put SP factor on it. The Mediterranean love affair nearly got to an abrupt end when she got scared by the gun fire during a fiesta. Half of the village looked for her in the middle of the stormy night. She came early in the the morning, wet and scratched, and jumped in the safety of our bed. That confirmed her wariness of too strenuous outdoor adventures and nowadays she likes best going for long walks with us, always turning to check we are still behind her. As if we would be anywhere else.

Angel’s adopter 


dog hit by car rescued in BosniaFlicking through Facebook one evening I saw the most beautiful dog, her name was Jacky, she had been hit by a car and left for dead, thankfully, she was found by a neighbouring rescue group in Bosnia. Milena Malesevic found Jackie laying in a pool of her own blood after being hit by a car and left to die in agony and alone. Her rear end had been smashed to pieces, her stomach literally torn open and she was unable to move.

However this amazing girl had an amazing spirit and will to live. Even in this extreme state she showed Milena that she wanted to live and was sweet and gentle to her rescuer.

Unfortunately, the Bosnian vets were unable to perform the life saving operation that Jackie needed, Jackie has been transferred to Belgrade where specialist vet could carry out the surgery.

Jackie then endured many weeks of intense recovery nursed back to health by our lovely Svetlana Bulajic who literally stayed up throughout the night to care for her.

After a long and painful recovery she had been put up for adoption. The very next morning I was in contact with Pozega dogs requesting an adoption form, I was so worried that somebody would get to her before me!! Thankfully, fate was on my side… Jacky is now Lexi, I picked her up on the 14th November 2015 a frightened, timid little soul. I could see that there was so much more to this little girl, I knew that to survive all that she had gone through she must be a tough, determined, spirited dog….. I’m happy to say, I’m right!!…

. Continue reading

Bosnian dog smashed by car , an operation Her nature is shining through more each day, we go training once a week to help her become more confident, she’s coming along in leaps and bounds. I am so so proud of my little Lexi, I love her more than words can say. She is safe, she is loved, she is home.

Tina, Lexie’s adopter 



dylanliq-webHi, my name is Dylan.  I would like to tell you a little about myself.  Somehow, I can’t remember quite how it happened,  I found myself in what the humans call, a  Kill Shelter.  Oh boy, it was awful.  You see, I love everyone and in this shelter every human I tried to talk to was just horrible. Most days I wasn’t fed and me and my fellow inmates were lucky to get water.  We were washed down with hoses no matter what the weather.  Sometimes my friends were taken away and never seen again.  We could hear their screams and knew it wasn’t good and we were all terrified that it would be our turn soon. There was, however, a rumour going round about ‘rescuers’. Apparently ‘rescuers’ were human angels that were sent to get us out of the hell hole. No one was sure if they really existed.  One day we overheard that a ‘rescuer’ had managed to get permission to take some of us out. Oh imagine the excitement! Everyone praying that they had been chosen. My joy was short lived as I discovered that I wasn’t on the list.  I put my head down between my paws and just wanted to die. The day came when my lucky chosen friends were due to leave. Continue reading

I was happy for them because I’m like that,  but I was so worried about what would become of me but had to accept my fate.  Then, a miracle happened.  My cell door was flung open,  I cowered in the corner expecting another beating or, at the very least,  a swift kick. The nasty man roughly put a collar on my neck and dragged me out on a lead. I was TERRIFIED! What was happening?  Were my friends going to be hearing my screams? Dare I hope for the ‘ rescuer’?  Did the ‘rescuer’ exist?  One of my friends, who had been on the rescue list, had died the night before so maybe whoever was on the list, died? I was dragged out of the gates. I was out! I was handed to a beautiful lady who stroked me gently.  I knew then that this was my angel rescuer and that they do exist! I wagged my tail as much as I could and she drove me to safety.

I was taken to another shelter by my angel.  It was heaven compared to the last shelter.  I could run free with my new friends,  there was plenty of food to eat and fresh water to drink, and most of all, I got love!  I lived there for over a year and there was talk of ‘forever homes’ and ‘mums’ and ‘dads’.  I didn’t really think I would ever have one of those.  I felt that I had had my life’s allocation of luck as I overheard the beautiful shelter ladies say that my friend who had died the night before my release, was supposed to be in this shelter and not me.  That was bitter sweet for me, believe me.  One by one my new friends were leaving.  But there were no screams of fear.  When these guys left there were tears from saying goodbye, but there was also a great happiness mixed with a tinge of nervousness although they were assured they were going to be so happy.  The year came and went , then the months but not one person wanted me.  They can’t see how handsome I am in the photos, or how waggy my beautiful tail is.  That is, until one day….  apparently I’VE GOT A MUM! Someone wants me!  Oh my, talk about a waggy tail.  So off to the vets to get checked out.  It was bad news, I had heartworm.   My angel said that my ‘mum’ might not want me after all and that she would talk to my ‘mum’.   Well, my ‘mum’ still wanted me but it meant I had to stay for many more months to have my treatment. The people at the shelter are wonderful.  They raised funds to pay for my treatment and took me to see the vet whenever I needed.   The months went by and soon I was fit enough to travel though I still had to continue treatment when I got ‘home’.  I was going to go to England.  Its very far away they said.  But the great news is that my friend Liquorice is coming with me!  Nobody wanted her either and she was in the shelter for a long time too.

So one day my shelter friends said a tearful goodbye, though I was told they were happy tears, and Liquorice and I were put in a van for our journey ‘home’.  I must admit I was worried. Where was my rescue angel?  Has my luck run out?  Am I going somewhere where they beat me and don’t feed me AGAIN? Surely my rescue angel would not allow this?  Liquorice was convinced nothing good could come of this.   Well, we were looked after extremely well on our journey to England and after many long hours we arrived safely and were led to a kennel. We were there for two nights and on the second morning a very kind man came in and put my lead on and I was off to meet my ‘mum’.  I wasn’t that excited, and, to be honest, there were so many interesting sniffs on the way to meet her that I just took my time.   Then the man said that I should look as my ‘mum’ is there!  I could see people in a yard (that also had some cats there!) and as I approached one lady walked towards me.  She said my name and I wagged and wagged my tail.  I licked her hand and rolled over.  After all, if this one was ‘mum’  I had to make sure she liked me.  My ‘mum’ had a human daughter who I also introduced myself to with my waggy tail and big licks.  Then Liquorice came too.  My humans had tears of happiness as we had all waited a long time for this moment.

Then bad news, we had to get in a car for MORE travelling!  But ‘mum’ promised me that after this we would be ‘home’.  We got near ‘home’ but we had to meet our fur sisters in a ‘park’  It was a lovely place and Liquorice thought that this was ‘home’.  I was very excited when I met my fur
sisters.  One was very nice but one was a bit grumpy but it was ok as I’m such a happy friendly chap.
‘Mum’ said it would all work out.

dylan-prize-webWell, Liquorice and I have been home for nearly a year now and I must say it’s fantastic to have our own pad.  The food is good and regular.  There is always fresh water and when it’s cold out we are warm and safe.  Our fur sisters get on with us fine now after a bit of a grumpy start from one of them, but that’s just her, and given time things work out.  My mum is so impressed with us that she even fosters fur people now and we always make them welcome and teach them stuff like where to go to the toilet and not to be scared anymore because, somewhere out there, will be their forever home with a mum or dad or both who will love them to pieces.  That’s the best thing about having a mum.  Our mum just loves us and if anyone has managed to read my missive, please open your heart to a shelter dog.  My friends all deserve a chance of a happy life and most of all, to feel loved.  My name is Dylan and I owe my life to Help Pozega Dogs who I thank from the bottom of my heart.


Dylan relaxing after a hard day of tail wagging to win waggiest tail competition. 



lucaHello Ladies And Gentlemen. My name is Luca and some of you might already know me. I once was a HPD dog and I would like to tell you my story I can’t really remember much of my early youth but I know for sure that I was born on Balkan streets and lived with other furries out there. Hunger was a normal feeling and there was always danger around. But at least we were together and managed somehow. But one day everything changed. A big van turned up, shouting horrible men jumped out and before we could even think we were grabbed, some of us very violently and thrown into that van. None of us had any idea what was happening but we were terribly scared. The inside of this van stank of fear and urine and we all knew this here meant nothing good for us. After a while the van stopped, the doors flung open and we were pulled out. Whoever tried to defend himself was hit as hard as possible and tortured, till there was no defence left. And what we saw then was a terrible shock. There were shelters, cages, with so many of us inside, all in a devastating state. Continue reading

You could sense this was hell. You could smell it, the fear and the smell of death, you could hear it, the unbearable cries of our brothers and sisters, you could see it, the dogs going mad for hunger and thirst, the others that were mere skeletons, too weak even to cry or move. All of us condemned to a horrible slow death of starvation and torture. My heart sank and I lost all hope.

luca1This place was hell and I wasn’t to escape.

I had given up all hope and prayed that it wouldn’t take that long and that none of these cruel men would comeand beat me like I had seen it done with some of my fellow inmates.

But one day there were different human faces to be seen. Some women with friendly features and soft voices walked through and pointed at some of the dogs. And at me!!! I heard them say „we want him as well“ They went again but some time later I was taken out of my prison cell and brought to a car. Some other dogs were there as well and the friendly looking women. They drove us out of this concentration cmp for dogs and took us to a different shelter. Well, it was still a shelter but it was clean and comfy and there was water and food and none frightened us. I couldn’t believe it! I had escaped certain death!!! The first night in my life without fear. I still woke up ever so often but there was no reason for panic. On one of the next days I started getting afraid again when they took me to the car again and drove off with me. When the car stopped they brought me into a building that smelled frightening again. Not of death and urine but of fear . Other dogs had been here before and were afraid and I could sense it. I didn’t know what to expect and tried to calm me by thinking „nothing can be worse than what I’ve experienced so far. I will survive this as well.“

luca5They brought me into a room, put me onto a table and started to examineme thoroughly. But they seemed content. They looked friendly and I got some jabs – that was all for then. I had been lucky not having caught aany of the deadly diseases which many of us had caught in that hell hole.

After that they brought me back to my comfy shelter and I was happy.

Time passed by in that nice place. I had to go back to that vet again to get neutered, but I recovered quickly I quite enjoyed my new life in that safe place with food and water every day, possibilities to play in that garden close to our shelter, getting cuddles from the friendly people there. I was only wondering that some of my friends disappeared and never returned. I heard these lovely women, who had rescued me, say „oh they were adopted“ but I didn’t know what that meant. I was to learn about it though


luca4One day one of my favourite women came and cleaned me up, put a new collar round my neck and put me on a lead. I sensed there was something really strange going on.

Then once again a van turned up. I saw that lovely woman who had got me out of hell wiping tears from her eyes and I was put in a cage inside the van. Oh my God was I sad. I feared they would transport me to the hellhole again. But the van drove on and on and on, much further than this hall hole was and once again I had no clue what was going to happen to me. The van stopped a few times and more brothers and sisters were put into cages. We all were worried and wondering what was going on. After a long long journey the van stopped again and I was taken out by the man who had put me in. He handed me over to a woman. The woman knew my name, held me tight in her arms and talked to me with a very loving voice. She put a harness on me and went to a grassy place with me where I could empty my belly. Another woman and a little kid brought a bowl with water for me and I enjoyed my drink I was soooo thirst!!!

luca6Then they put me into another car where I had a lot of space to stretch out and still could look out of the windows. When we drove of I stared out of the windows to see where I was and where we were going to. It was all so confusing, the people spoke a different language and everything smelled different from what I was used to. Later I learned that I had come to Germany. To tell you the truth, I slept most of this last part of my journey. We finally arrived at our destination and there I had my next surprise – there were 2 big sisters waiting for me.

We met on a field so we could get to know each other It was great. They were so cool and showed me everything I didn’t know Ever since that day I’m living with my mummy, my sisters Petty and Babsi and I’ve learnt a lot. I come to call (most of the times – not always though lol) I know what it’s like to live in a flat, I know about walking through fields and forests and Petty showed me that hunting is fun (even though Mummy hates it when we try to do it).

I have found my perfect forever home that they will find theirs too.

Your Luca




jennThe Fear of Jenny

Last evening I dined with Barry and Julie, who are very good friends of mine. I find these occasions to be a little oasis in the desert of life’s turmoil. Last night was the first time I took a companion with me and to be precise it was Jenny. If I had given the latter a little forethought I might have withheld on that twenty mile journey. To give her comfort with my friendship and loyalty I sat her in the passenger side of my van. Before I go any further I will take you back in time to the harsh realities of life.

Through no fault of her own eight years ago my wife Lorna died at the young age of forty-seven. I was devastated to learn that for fourteen years I thought I had been watching her get better to live a full life, when in fact I was watching her life ebb away from a childhood heart problem. With the help from Barry, Julie and three other trusted friends I pulled myself from the mire of despair and uncertainty. Four years later my mother that had been my rock throughout the whole of my life died, it placed more pressure on me.Continue reading

I had a white long haired Alsatian called snowflake that Lorna and I bought for my four daughters one Christmas. It was my wife’s idea and her ideas were my commands. [You can see where this is leading] Well would you believe after a year that puppy had the damn nerve to grow up before their eyes, and for the next thirteen years I paid her vet fees, food and saw to her exercise? Snowflake died ten months ago of old age and I swore there would be no more dogs in my life. Barry, Julie’s husband with one of his uncanny beliefs told me “You will get another Dog.”

It was not long after Julie acquired Huxley she passed on the link to Help Pozega Dogs. There was one picture in particular that showed the despair that I knew so well in the eyes of a dog, it was Jenny. It was strange sensation seeing those eyes looking back at me. I am a great believer in fate, and destiny and the inevitable conclusion took place. Those eyes of despair are disappearing and hopefully her trust in mankind to look after her will return. She has already showed me her loyalty when at Julies, and it surprised me that she had already bonded with me in such a short time.

jennyIt was during the journey over to see Julie and Barry I could see what damage thoughtless mental cruelty had done to Jenny. For the whole of that journey I could see and sense the fear Jenny was generating. I can only believe from her reaction to the van journey that the last time she was in that position was probably the same day as she was abandoned. I will not condemn the person that did this act of cruelty, but neither will I condone them. They had their reasons for taking such a desperate measure, and I can only thank them for allowing Jenny to meet her real destiny here in the UK as my companion.

There are many Dogs that still need help of one kind or another, and we as the caretakers of the earth and its future should look after those that are unable to look after themselves. Donations are just as welcome as a real and genuine person needing to adopt.

Barry and I are from different ends of the country, but we were born on the same side of the street. We both have the same values and hates and both of us were educated in the University of Life and there is no harder form of education. While sitting mulling over a glass of wine we debated quite fierce at times religion, politics and life in general. Our conclusion was there is a god belonging to at least one religion, the only time politicians are not lying is when they have a mouth full of food, and the world is still turning on its axis relatively smooth. Now you can all go to your beds knowing that the status quo is intact.

Be well Ian.



woodypWoody came to us at a very sad time shortly after we had lost our 15year old springer called Freddie.

I saw Woody on the dog page and he was just looking at a person and holding out his paw……..Auntie Sharon and I had a lengthy chat and she was soon selling everything that couldn’t be nailed down to fund his travel.

We came back from our holiday and excitedly set off to fetch him.

I don’t know what I was expecting really and he did come eagerly forward to meet us but looked utterly dejected.He was soon bugled into the car and we set off home. This was the one and only time I have had any concern with him as he is an utter Angel but he shook and cried all the way home. Continue reading

However he settled and slept and the next day he just followed me around.From the start it was clear he would much prefer a hug to a meal and to this day his preference is the same.

woodp2He has been so funny in so ,many ways……he had no idea of coming to bed and took a month before he decided to follow my other dog up the stairs and even then kept coming back down……he now goes before us.

It’s hard to describe how loving this dog is and he most certainly eats to live and not lives to eat……..Everyone who meets him loves him from the neighbour to the vet groomer postman etc……he has a unique skill of catching their eye and giving them such a soft look with his approach…..he turns the idea of the black dog being the last one to go from the rescue right around…….I am afraid my daughter may steal him one day as she adores him.
He has been on his hols with his auntie Sharon and behaved impecably.

Being rescued from the Serbian flood he hates water and a paddle in 10cm is about 8 cm too deep for him.


It’s hard to say what his best features are cos he has no bad ones that I have seen over the year we have had him.

He loves and licks Murphy the cat even after the cat takes a swipe.He is friendly to dogs and people alike even the saddos that pass him by without a glance.He has a way of looking at you that melts your heart and at the very least lowers your blood pressure……he is very much a perfect example for the page………little Lord Fauntleroy that he is……….

He just loves his life and his family,I really cannot express what he means to us but we are so very grateful to have him and cannot thank the team enough for the work they did and still carry on doing but I think if Woody could talk(he can but not in the verbal sense) he would want to send all his love to Dea the very special saviour that became his first love.


Pamela, his mom. dog saved in in the deadly flooding

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